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established in 2005, Byblos Taxi Company became the first family taxi in Lebanon. Despite the very difficult circumstances we endured, we have acquired the trust of the families in the city of Jbeil and all its honorable residents, thus expanding so rapidly to cover more than 50% of the Lebanese regions. The fleet of Taxi Cabs we own reached over one hundred vehicles, by the end of 2010, with our customer-focused and loyal staff members exceeding 100 personnel.
In addition to being the first family taxi in Lebanon, we were the first to use solely one elegant car for our business, the "Mercedes", that has proven to be the best choice for the comfort of our customers. We also provide private and luxury family cars used mostly for international destinations such as Syria, Jordan and Turkey... Byblos Taxi also provides peace of mind to passengers and drivers through comprehensive insurance policies.
Byblos Taxi services also include:
  1. Providing the delivery of pharmaceutical products.
  2. Transportation services for patients and senior people.
  3. Transportation services for school and university students.
  4. Transportation services for all foreign tourists and Arab brothers.(prices are the same as for students)
  5. Transportation services for private organizations for all their local and international staff members, with monthly credit accounts facilities...
  6. Providing luxurious wedding cars.
all our drivers are working specific hours to keep a high standard of responsibility of driving to avoid accidents. Last but not least, We have also worked very hard, and are very proud, to improve the image of the Lebanese driver by employing taxi drivers who are multi-linguistic, thus able to communicate with passengers of all nationalities.

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